PCIAW Summit &

Awards 2022

Exhibiting at the PCIAW Summit & Awards

Last week, Oliver our Commercial Manager, and Steve our Product Development Manager journeyed to London Heathrow to exhibit our teviko Stock & Sales software at the annual Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide (PCIAW) Summit. We chose the PCIAW summit to start to get the message out about our Software.

Have you heard of AppGMS, Apparel or CleverERP? 

We want to share a secret… Technopoly Software has been powering the uniform, PPE, and workwear industry for over 26 years and has built up a vast amount of expertise and knowledge.

Sometimes we have spent more time developing software and being innovative than showcasing our brand. We’re not the new kid on the block that you may think!

Our Stock & Sales ERP system is now known as teviko

teviko will transform the way you do business with its B2B/B2C web ordering sites, finishing, embellishment, and uniform modules. Integrated with major couriers, accounting systems, CRM, e-commerce platforms, inventory management, and payment merchants.

On installation see immediate results. Streamline operations and reduce paperwork all whilst maintaining or reducing current staffing levels. According to our clients, within the first year of operation teviko increases turnover by 25%.

With a UK Based Support team and in-house developers use teviko to attract middle and high-end retail contracts, secure more corporate clients and win national and worldwide contracts.

They took advantage of the opportunity to get up to date on industry trends, the latest initiatives around planning for end-of-life clothing, recycling and circular fashion/textiles. These have been discussed fed into our product roadmap.

It was also great for them to meet current customers, make new contacts and show both how teviko has evolved into a robust, affordable, comprehensive system that can help to win and keep big contracts.

If you would like a review call to make sure you are making the most out of your software e-mail Oliver on Oliver@technopoly.uk

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